Monday, March 29, 2010

My Family and I wants to have an AIRCON

Hello to all who is reading my blog right now,

I want to win the Pre-loved (3 1/2yrs) 1HP Gree Window type Air-conditioner from or E-Zone because me and my family really need it,

Much more needed nowadays because its summer and a very hot season.

And also because my father is a foreigner, he is not satisfied with our electricfan he is still hot.hehehe

Since he arrived at the philippines and stay in our house until now we dont

have an aircon because we cannot afford one.My father hasnt went home

to america  for 14 years because no money to go back.We all really need

an aircon, and it will be the very first time to have an aircon to our whole

family honestly.We have 4 electric fans at home but we are not satisfied

with the hotness that we feel everyday....hehehe..

My own Song Composition for the Contest

Title: I really need an Aircon

I need an aircon to put into my room

I really need it to make me cold when im warm. will giveaway an aircon 

and I really need it to make me more comfortable.


It's so very hot in here, but bluerlyn will make me cooler 

this summer I will try my best to win that airconditioner for us.


I want to put that aircon here in my room 

to make me colder when im warm 

I really need it I really really need it 

to make me colder when im warm

Second Chorus

I really really need it I really really need it

to put that aircon in my room

I really really I really really need it



                                     I really want to PUT an AIRCON in this SQUARE hehehehehe to
                                                                  make my room cooler.........

If I won the AIRCON, maybe I will jump, shout and 
hurry to tell my Mom, Dad, and my Sister. I Won an 
Aircon!! I really cannot imagine what can I do if I 
won something. Im sure my whole family will be 
shocked, appreciate it, and will enjoy it. By the way 
our whole family here is in just 1 compound, because
 its a squatter here. There are 6 families here composed 
of 4 to 5 children each so many.hehe.

Im a young striving for money and other materials 

or gadget person. Im searching always blogs that have 
contests and giveaways. Because maybe if I win 
something my family will be proud and happy. I really 
like that. Last month I just won a 500php Globe Load 
and they were all I dont know.hehe.they are so happy..
hehe And what else if I win something higher than that

.hehe Thank you for reading my blog guys thank you...

Please If you want to join this contest too, just go 

to E-Zone or

They have many posts too you may like. Enjoy Guys..


  1. nice one.. effort kung effort :) naaaliw ako :) nawa'y mabutas nga ang pader at matapalan ng aircon :) GOOD LUCK!
    nga pala, pls. share ur thoughts on The iPop. Much needed ang comments :) Thank you in advance :)

  2. hey ate ELLEN thank you pala sa Comment mu ha patawa ka...hehehehe goodluck sau d2 ba akomg comment? ung iPOP ate page not found daw panu yan?

  3. uy! eto pala ang tamang link:

  4. oh wow nemory, galing! your links are correct, you just need to put the contest post url in your entry to make it valid.

    that is the contest url. just include that in your post and your entry will be considered valid. Good luck on the contest. :)

  5. Im so thankful for your comments guys....eheheheh....esp to your reminder admin eRLyn heheheheheheheheh

  6. Okay na sana pero 'pag nalagyan na yan ng aircon e lalabas naman lamig sa mga butas at windows, sovyou have to keep them sealed first. And if you just have few bucks to spend then panu na lang yung electric bill? :)

  7. Hahaha! You badly need it! Sana makuha mo talaga!

  8. cge lang my sement pnmn kmi na extra pwd pa e lagay sa mga bintana namin bilihannlg ng hallowblocks kun pd....hehehe ina appreciate ko talaga bsta pinanaluhan ko pnmn...heheheheheeh tnx 4 the comments