Thursday, June 3, 2010


The historic elections held recently was witness to many interesting stories of vigilance, patriotism and hope. Now that the proclamation of our new president draws near, what are your suggestions or wishes for the new administration? If we all put our hearts and minds to it, maybe our nation will have what it takes to become great again. That, my friends, is the idea behind this month's (late) Freebie Friday contest.

You know the drill: 

  1. Talk about it in any of your social networking sites. As always, a short line promoting Freebie Friday would be most appreciated. 
  2. Leave a link to your entries on the comment section of Freebie Friday #5. Entry point system is as follows: 

    Blog post = 3 entries
    Twitter/Plurk/FB/other SNS shoutouts = 2 entries
    Comment (only sensible ones, please :D) = 1 entry
  3. Deadline for submission of entries is on June 4, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. The more entries you submit, the more chances of winning.
To commemorate our country's first automated elections, this month's prize will be awarded to entry No. 10, as drawn by The lucky winner will get to choose from any of these watches:
Quite epic eh? Patriotism in your hands--literally.
click the link below 4 full mechanics...and comment your entries there...thats a very great blogsite..

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