Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do I want to have for my birthday this October 3?

What do I want to have for my birthday  this October 3?

I really want an---------------------------- ELECTRIC GUITAR      for my birthday

 all I wish always is to have that instrument.
I just have an Acoustic guitar before but I forgot it in school last February, and I didnt found it until now,
Im just using the guitar of my sister, because I really love to play guitar.
I started playing guitar when I was in grade 6, and right now Im in 1st year college so it is like 5 years Ive been playing. but im sad we cannot afford an electric guitar, I want to be upgraded but I think I cannot do it with just sticking up with an acoustic guitar..hehehehe

HOW I WISH I COULD HAVE ONE THIS WEEK , BECAUSE OUR BAND JOINS A " Battle of the Bands" here in our city. I will just borrow this week..hehehee

Once Again Happy Birthday to the Owner of this Contest: ate Ellen Joy Castel of http://www.bloggityboop.info blog site.

Hindi man kami close ni ate Ellen but, meron din kaming kunting bondingan nuon, few moments lang naman pero d ko mkakalimutan name nya at ang name ng blog nya....hehehehe ng cocoment kmi noun sa sariling blogs namin about the contest na sinasalihan naming dalawa, nuon sumasali lang ata sya, pero now nagulat ako na sya na ang nagpapacontest at my sariling domain na pala sya...grabe...hehehehehe CONGRATS PO ATE....hehehehe

eto na some of my works 4 u te. sana magustuhan mu..hehehe

Please take a look at my simple efforts hehehehe:

Happy Birthday to Ellen Joy Castel - The best home videos are here


                                                                  PAPER MADE CAP


My Dog wears the paper made cap




my tita making ice water

                                                                             yeah yeah

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