Friday, August 20, 2010

ENVEEUS.COM First Contest Is HERE!!

ENVEEUS.COM First Contest Is HERE!!

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Oh yes, I have planned to make my first ever contest for a while now. I love contests, so what's wrong of making my own right? So here it is!

The contest is divided into two parts :
  • For Malaysian bloggers
  • For International (all non-Malaysian) bloggers
    The mechanics of the contest is easy. Since this is my first contest, it is sort of an introductory to my blog. So here is what everyone who wants to participate (both Malaysian and non-Malaysian bloggers alike) have to do :

    1. Follow me at Google Friend Connect. (For me to contact you through your valid Google e-mail)
    2. Write a post about this contest and ENVEEUS.COM at your blog. Make sure you link "" in your post. Blog post can be either in English orBahasa Malaysia.
    3. Add me at Facebook or/and Twitter
    4. Once everything is done, please add your blog post permalink at the Malaysian entries (for Malaysian contest entrants) and the International entries (for non-Malaysian contest entrants).
    Prizes :
     Malaysian Bloggers
     International Bloggers 

    First       : RM200 cash
                   One written post dedicated for winner.

     Second : RM150 cash
                   Winner's link placed at the top of my  
                   blog for 15 days.

     Third     : RM80 cash

    First      : USD25 cash
                  10,000 EC credits

    Second : USD15 cash
                   5,000 EC credits

    Third    : USD 10 cash
                  2,500 EC credits

    Special Prizes :
    1. Share this contest on Facebook with your friends or/and Retweet this contest on Twitter to your followers because the HIGHEST referrer will win a one month (30 days) FREE ad space on my sidebar and one written post dedicated to the winner. This Special Prize is for one (1) winner from either the Malaysian or International Bloggers entry. Only open for non-Private Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    2. Most creative blog post will win a SURPRISE prize!

    Contest starts on 18th AUGUST 2010 and will end on 30th SEPTEMBER 2010. Winners will be notified and prizes will be given out by first week of October. Cash prizes will be sent through Maybank2u (for Malaysian winners) and Paypal (for International winners).

    Sponsors :
    Meow Diaries 1,000 EC credits
    Mariuca's Perfume Gallery 1,000 EC credits
    Mariuca 1,000 EC credits
    Unsolved Mysteries In The World 2,312 EC credits
    Please put this badge at your sidebar throughout the contest entry date. Thank you.

    Come and join this contest now! Start blogging everybody!

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