Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Memorable Experience as a Blogger

My Memorable Experience as a Blogger:  
was when I started to blog about contests, freebies of the sites that have those contests and freebies. I became an addict of blogging about contests because I see more people entering my blog because Im blogging about contests and freebies.. hahaha

Before Im just blogging about my self my first entry but I already deleted it... haha...

Now im also blogging about my entries to my entered contest sites inorder also to win or gain something I cant.

 I really love to win and gain a thing.. especially Money, Gadgets and all those I cant afford...


thank you reader for reading my blog.. mwah


  1. Just keep on blogging and join more contests, from there you can learn to become a better blogger and gain more friends. I'm sure we can even win bigger prizes someday.

    I can also relate to you... I just started blogging maybe 1 1/2 years ago because of a blog contest. It was a big challenge because the prize was a laptop. Sadly, I didn't win...not because I didn't do my best. It was because the winners had a more superior entry compared to mine.

    This prompted me to learn more specially in the field of writing, photography and video making. Blogging is really a mix of all types of media - including games. And so we have to practice, learn and more practice... until we become the best in our craft. For me that's what winning is all about.

  2. hi thanks for joining. I think you haven't fill up the form for my contest. please do. thanks