Sunday, August 8, 2010

Take a look at this Unique kind of desktop computer.

Where PC and TV becomes One.

The eVolve,REDFOX's first all-in-one PC, brings high-performance configuration to match different computer activity requirements. It is space-saving and can be conveniently placed in any table or in the wall.

  • Combines the CPU, monitor and I/O functions in one unit
  • Engineered to bring space-saving solution
  • Great for multimedia use; switchable PC and TV mode using a remote control
  • Upgradeable components for evolving use
  • Comes in dual core, quad core, and six-core configurations

It looks very near to a desktop, but its not just a desktop, its a desktop computer and a TV at the same time(all-in-one PC).
its really a time saving gadget, no need to go to the living room and switch on the TV to update your favorites, in this Evolve by redfox you just have to switch from Desktop  mode to TV mode. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now.

I-Citizen Computer Systems - the Computer For ALL.

Enabling the value of technology to people empowerment, iCitizen computers are designed to match the purchasing power of every citizen.

  • I-Citizen notebook incorporates the basic personal and office necessities in a low-cost mobile device
  • I-Citizen PC system comes in two (2) models, one for basic PC usage like internet and office applications, while the other makes use of faster graphics card and higher video capacity for gaming usage
  • Includes a mini tower chassis which is much lighter and gives more space
  • Consumes less energy while sustaining the same excellent display quality through a 17'' wide-screen LED display

this is like a Super Computer, very fast for everything you do, its specialized for citizens as the name it says.


  1. The best feature of redfox eVolve all-in-one is that the unit is upgradeable to more powerful specs vs other similar and more expensive products from dell and lenovo.

  2. thanks redfox dealer..your product is always the best