Saturday, October 2, 2010

“This is the reason why Oliver needs a free LED video board ad for 150,000.00 pesos"

Hello readers and especially to sir Jehzlau, this is my official entry for the latest contest of the Jehzlau Concepts site also sponsored by Black Friday deals.

 Im Oliver Martinez once again, Im a Fil-Am which commonly means a " half Filipino - half American raise" and I live here in the Philippines with my family and I am 18 years old now since October 3 2010.

My dad is 64 years old and been living here for 12 years already, and that's why Im always sad when I remember something about going to US or just America, because my dad has never been to US again or Miami Florida where he lives before, Im almost crying sometimes at night when I remember about my dad if can he still go back to US someday or not, and what makes me more cry silent when I will see him crying too watching the photos of his family, im really trying my best to help my parents in any way one way is joining contests, and others are : Im making projects for anyone who hires me, to edit videos for their projects, designing assignments and other things that I can do, and I will surely help someday my dad to fly to US.

Since I was born, I was never been able to touch and see with my naked-eyes my family in my daddy's side only my sister but she lived there only a few months, only in e-mails and letters we communicate with my family in my daddy;s side, even in a camera or "Web cam on the computer" I havent experienced it yet because we don't have a PC, and I think Im one of the very few IT students that has no Computer at home, in our baranggay there's no Cafe Shop.

So this entry is most entirely for my Family, and I hope to inspire you with this entry.

Sir Jehzlau asks all bloggers this  : "Why do you need a free LED video board ad for 150,000.00 pesos?“.

So this will be my very reason why I need that great TV :

I really really need a free LED video board ad for 150,000.00 pesos because :
Straight to the point : It can give me and my family a good wealth.

If I win this prize, I will really roam the whole Bacolod City to find for Buildings or Businesses or people that needs a LED video board ad to show their ads in the eyes of the people, but I wont sell it ofcourse, I will let them rent it for a fair price only, and that can give us a good  income, and Im hoping we will have a very very good wealth in the first time (I mean rich) haha.
And I think I will be the first to put a LED TV BOARD AD here in NEGROS for the first time.
watch this video below to show you Bacolod City that has no LED TV BOARD ADS.

Maybe for the first plan of our family for the money that was saved from this ""NEGOSYO??"" tama ba kaya? hehehe.
  1. Then this is the time that my daddy should go first to US and hopefully touch our loving family, his brother, sister and our relatives, I know you wonder why I didn't mention his mother and father because their gone,and  im very sad that he was not their in those times.
  2. After that this is my time to have my own computer because I will definitely buy my own Intel core i7 toshiba. hahahahaha... thats what I like.
  3. And live forever happy ever after, buy more LED tv board ads and earn more. hehehehe

Here's the letters sent to my dad by our families on his side.

My lola, 2 cousins, daughter and son of my cousin and my auntie.
(I really wish to talk, feel, hug, and kiss them someday)

This is my only auntie.

My dad's loving brother in the left side, my lola and mycousin.

And here's my daddy.
(recorded January 1 2010, after his birthday December 31 2010)

Thank you very much (the one reading this now)
I love you more than my self.
Love each other untill forever, and any where God will bring us.


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  4. Good luck sa contest kua nem0ry..

    Halojin here

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  8. woooooot! just read ur entry! :) Good luck! sana makabalik dad u sa US. :)